Our Dogs

Our dogs go through extensive health testing to make sure they are breeding quality!  You can be assured your puppy will have the healthiest of starts!
Finley is our SIRE.  He has passed all of his health testing! He is the absolute sweetest boy and is right in the middle of everything our family does.  He is the most loveable boy EVER!

DOB: 04/04/2017
Sire:  Pine Lodge Forest (Crosby)
Dam:  Pine Lodge Willamette Vallev Queenie (Butter)

Color: Caramel/White Parti
Coat: Fleece
Size:  Medium
Hips: GOOD

Elbows: NORMAL
PRA Clear By Parentage

Paw Print Genetics
ALD Health Panel
DNA Profiled for positive

She is a beautiful girl who is very athletic and loves to play.  She has a great personality and a real people pleaser!  She is ALWAYS up for a game of fetch!

DOB: 05/08/2015
Sire: DoodleLane's Frodo Baggins "Josey"
Dam: CFL Doodles Hopeful Grace
Color: Chocolate
Coat: Soft Curly Fleece
19" tall 36 lbs
Hips: Good 
Elbows: Normal

PRA Clear By Parentage

DNA Profiled for positive
ALD Health Panel Pawprint Genetics

High Country's Admirable Finley
​Registration: ALAA-058636
​Registration: ALCA-224-04042017-027-LD1


CFL Doodles  Marley May 
​Registration: ALAA-059986

​She will be starting her health testing soon. She lives with her guardian family. She is very playful and athletic.  She is a very focused girl just like her Mama.

DOB: 02/28/18
Dam: CFL Doodles Marley May
Sire: Calypso Breeze Grissom Flying High
Color: Caramel w/white
Size: TBD
Hips: GOOD
Elbows: Normal
PRA: Clear by Parentage
CERF: Pending 
​DNA Profiled for positive identification

​​Aspen Rose is a lovely girl  She is a beautiful caramel fleece.  She lives with her guardian family here in Crossville. We are currently doing her health testing.  

DOB:  06/18/17
Dam:  CFL Doodles Marley May
Sire:  Berkshire Hills Casanova
Color: Cream
Coat:  Fleece
Size:   Medium
Hips:  GOOD
Elbows: Normal
PRA: Clear by Parentage
​CERF: Normal
​DNA Profiled for positive identification
ALD Health Panel

Homestead Manor's Aspen Rose

Homestead Manor's Maggie May

JuJu is one SWEET girl.  She is my shadow and LOVES people.  She is a playful girl with an exceptional personality! We adore her!

DOB: 05/11/17
Dam:  Calypso Breeze Maggie Mae
Sire: Bestland's Sentinel Prime
Color: Caramel - Red
W/ Irish Spotting
Coat:  Fleece
Size:  Medium
Elbows: Normal
PRA: Clear by Parentage
CERF: Normal
DNA Profiled for positive identification 
ALD Health Panel Paw Prints Genetics

Sidney is our newest girl.  She is a little lover.  She loves to play and is such a quick learner.  She lives with her guardian family here in Crossville. She will begin health testing soon

DOB: October 9, 2018
Dam: CFL Doodles Marley May
Sire: High Country's Admirable Finley
Color: Caramel w/white
Size:  Medium
Hips: pending
elbows: pending
PRA: Clear by Parentage
Cerf: Pending
DNA Profiled for Positive identification

Calypso Breeze Bon JuJu
​ALCA pending 

Homestead Manor's Sydney Down Under